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[...] Balancing these different rights is indeed challenging: particularly for fields like audiovisual where pan-European licensing is not standard practice. That is, fortunately, not a particular issue in the book market. I know that, as a general rule, publishers are doing a good job in cross-border licensing. I am optimistic when I see, even for audiovisual works, that very challenging questions about the relationship between copyright issues and the internal market are being tackled, as the recent "Premier League" case shows. Premier League brought actions against a number of pubs using non-UK pay-TV subscription services to show live Premier League matches. The Court of Justice held that national legislation which prohibits the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards lawfully placed on the market in another Member State is contrary to the Treaty. This is music to my ears. But even in that case, which will certainly have significant effects for consumers as well as audiovisual content creators and distributors, it is noteworthy that the voluntary decisions of rights-holders remain at the centre of the system.
"this is music to my ears" for the decoder case!
osimod, 14/10/2011 10:08
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Lisa DiFeliciantonio what will the impact be on IP based TV services? will VOD operators stop implementing geofiltering devices to prevent users from other countries access to legal services?
Lisa DiFeliciantonio, 14/10/2011 11:11