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Comment Neelie
[...] These are just a few examples of rigid legislation from the pre-digital era. There are many new ideas out there – ideas, for example, n like n extended collective licensingn n as practised in Scandinavia, or other ideas that seek to both legitimise and monetise certain uses of works. Are these ideas the right ones to achieve our goals? I don't know. But too often we can't even try them out because of some old set of rules made for a different age – whether it is the Berne Convention, the legislation exceptions and limitations on the VAT Directive or some other current law. So new ideas which could benefit artists are killed before they can show their merit, dead on arrival. This needs to change.
Paul Keller
interesting overlap with the last proposal by Dimity Medvedev on reforming the international copyright system by adopting the berne convention to the demands of the digital environment: Maybe Mrs Kroes
Paul Keller, 19/11/2011 11:18