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Comment Neelie
excerpt from: Innovating for Europe
[...] First, we need to commit to research and development for innovation. It is not enough just to create innovative technologies. We must also innovate in the uses for existing technology. And innovate in the business models to bring them to market.
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei
Innovation of creative technologies. Good. Innovation in the use of existing technologies, and in business models. What about innovating in the way we promote innovation? For example: in the field of "Technology Mediated Social Innovation" (eParticipation, eGovernance...) EC is using Innovation Support Programs that are more appropriate for the 20th Century, not for the Digital Sociaty: they are centered in huge projects, big consortia of universities, companies and consulting firms, buzzwords and proposals rather than commitment and results... A huge amount of resources has been wasted, with few results to be shown ( evolutionWillNotBeFunded.PROVISIONAL.pdf). You are missing the opportunity to reach and empower the real innovators in the field, which will be able to achieve much more with much less. As another commenter said before, it is not a question of money, it is more a question of showing a determined and friendly support.
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei, 30/11/2011 12:54