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excerpt from: Innovating for Europe
[...] Third, and most of all, if we really want innovation to transform Europe, we need to innovate in our mindset. Because innovation doesn't come from central commands from Brussels – it comes from Europe's innovators, people who are making a difference. We need those people – people like you - to know you should not be afraid to take risks. To know that failure is an event, not a person. To know that it doesn't matter if you try out something new and it doesn't work: you learn from the experience, and just go on trying something else.
check out the B4RN project in Lancashire UK, its a risky project but its going to transform rural broadband access.
cyberdoyle, 30/11/2011 12:27
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei
What about the EC? We know you are trying. And we value a lot all the work you are doing and all the way you are advancing. But when EC officials are confronted with the necessity to innovate, to create different programs... they say: well, we have limitations, we have a strict mandate about what we can support, we have rules and bureaucracy we have to comply to, etc, etc. In the meanwhile, precious opportunities are being lost. You also need to change that mindset, take risks, assume failures are also learnings...
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei, 30/11/2011 12:58