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[...] First, citizens living in non-democratic regimes need technological tools to help them. Tools which shield them from indiscriminate surveillance. Tools which help them bypass restrictions on their freedom to communicate. Tools which are simple and ready-made. I want the EU to help develop and distribute those tools, in a framework that ensures the legitimacy of our action.
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei
This focus in "non-democratic regimes" evidence a lack of self critizism from European political class and EU institutions. The EU can hardly be considered as really democratic, from an analytical point of view. And the quality EU democratic functioning, as well as the quality of the democracy in most EU countries... is diminishing. You cannot speak of Arab Spring without speaking of the "indignados" and the "Occupy" movement. EU citizens also need technological tools to help us democratize our countries. If you are not aware of this... your whole strategy is misleaded. Before exporting democracy... we need to really improve our democracy.
Perfil Ciudades Kyosei, 09/12/2011 16:42