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excerpt from: End of Year Message
[...] I know that people have fears for the future. For the younger generation, the fear that the future will not offer high-quality jobs. While others may fear other things as they age – the prospect of isolation, loss of function, loss of independence.
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Jan Stedehouder
There is one fear that occupies my mind and that is the fear of a future generation that is being locked out of online educational environments due to the use of proprietary technology and non-open standards. 70% of Dutch schools already have online educational environments that can not be used by students using non-Windows technology or have disabilities (technology doesn't allow for proper accessibility). The Netherlands isn't the only EU country where this is taking place. ICT isn't used to overcome barriers, but to create new ones. I believe now is the time to start turning this around.
Jan Stedehouder, 21/12/2011 12:58