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Comment Neelie
[...] Of course, many are also concerned about issues of illegal content. And I agree with them that we need to push people away from piracy towards legal content. Sites that knowingly enable massive copyright infringements and make large sums of money at the expense of creators need to be stopped. As regards legislation to combat piracy, I have said on a number of occasions that we should not put in place disproportionate and highly intrusive measures with the potential to disrupt legitimate online activities. Therefore I think the US legislators have done the right thing by making a pause and seeking a better anti-piracy solution than the SOPA and PIPA bills which were on the table.
Nadia EL-Imam
Dear Ms. Kroes, in light of this point, about which I agree- why is ACTA given the green light? It really is not transparent on what basis this decisions has been made, and why it has not been up for a democratic debate. Can you motivate this? Kind regards, N.
Nadia EL-Imam, 24/01/2012 13:13
51.7, 5.3167 - Hertogenbosch NETHERLANDS
This speech comment system is about the only positive thing I have ever seen coming from the despicable organisation called EU. Screw ACTA, screw your bailouts, screw all of you legal plunderers, corpocrats, lobbyists, crooks and other parasites. May the European citizens soon wake up and have you all put to trial.
Rob74NL, 24/01/2012 13:49
Dear Rob74NL...*deep breath*, lay down your anger, plz rejoin when ready for courteous and constructive comment.
williamheath, 25/01/2012 18:18
...but agree with both above. ACTA is unacceptable in intent, how it does it, and in how it was reached.
williamheath, 25/01/2012 18:19