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Comment Neelie
[...] Ironically, this growth and diversity has brought convergence. As the range of consumer demands, the range of creative works and the range of business models become more diverse, then the ways to operate them have tended to converge.
41.9, 12.45 - Rome ITALY
Annalisa De Luca
i have been studying for almost 2 years the business opportunities brought about by the recent phenomena of convergence and i fully agree that they are the most diverse and, in many cases, incredibly remunerative. key to success are, most definitely, content and creativeness. but what about funding? Netflix and Hulu (over 400 million dollars of revenue in 2011) have been able to rely on extremely generous funding - when people in other countries have tried to launch similar ideas, however, they have not been reciprocated with the same generous offers. in fact, most of the times, they have been turned down. i think we need to understand how so.
Annalisa De Luca, 24/01/2012 13:45