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[...] Within just 2 to 3 years, 90% of the TVs sold in Europe will be connectable to the Internet. Already, half of European consumers use video-on-demand several time per week. While across the Atlantic, Netflix is already the biggest source of net traffic.
41.9, 12.45 - Rome ITALY
Annalisa De Luca
It is estimated that, by 2015, pay streaming will generate revenues for 7 billion dollars in four countries alone (UK, US, DE, FR).
Annalisa De Luca, 24/01/2012 13:47
50.8667, 4.36667 - Brussels BELGIUM
Jack Schickler
interesting - do you have a link to this study?
Jack Schickler, 24/01/2012 14:27
41.9, 12.45 - Rome ITALY
Annalisa De Luca
sure, this is from http://www.futuresource-consul... . i work for the regional authority for tlc in italy, a couple of years ago we found lots of people at our door asking for help and info because everything was changing with the DDT and they couldn't figure out what to do. the truth is that another revolution was coming though the internet and no one was telling them. that's why we created an observatory and a website (next-tv DOT it) from which we try to inform our stakeholders. i will be looking closely at the EC commitment on this. thanks
Annalisa De Luca, 24/01/2012 16:12