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Comment Neelie
[...] But we can do more. Look at the public sector. Public IT procurement is large, about twenty percent of the market, but today it is fragmented with limited impact. We can harness this buying power through more harmonisation and integration. And, yes, ultimately also through joint public procurement across borders. Why is this important? Because the Cloud sector will listen and adapt, creating benefits for Cloud adoption throughout our economy. For example: more standardised services, new and better offers, cheaper prices. And it is a true win-win: the Cloud market will grow, bringing opportunities for existing suppliers and new entrants. And Cloud buyers, including the public sector, will buy more with less and become more efficient.
Ruben Martinez
Cloud based "pay-per-use" dynamic services don't fit very well with the current budget and procurement lifecycles, very long in most public administrations. Will the expected revision of Directive 2004/18/EC attempt to address these issues?
Ruben Martinez, 31/01/2012 21:37