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[...] How do we get there? Today I am inviting public authorities and industry, Cloud buyers and suppliers, to come together in a European Cloud Partnership.
See above. I believe it would be good to name these stakeholders. Showing flag for gaining trust is a mission critical path. People, companies need to personally be addressed, concerns individually answered and more... there are interesting ways in using a Business Center for cloud-based services - large companies can profit from that by making their SME's profit from this as well, win-win, by giving them easy, intuitive tools to help them integrate in a cloud environment.
SV, 26/01/2012 12:15
A. Eriks
your invite is appreciated. As tweeted as well. We are more than happy to contribute to this initiative. Economy is changing rapidly and we are willing and able to help out.
A. Eriks, 26/01/2012 14:26