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[...] So, security should not compromise freedom of speech, privacy and integrity of the unified Internet: rather, it should support them. Because the Internet belongs to everyone.
Because of that, we MUST refuse ACTA !
guillaume, 06/02/2012 16:05
y t
Clear, and still being able to tell the difference between censorship (new message censored) and pricacy (publishing copies of existing work) would have to be a starting point, but not an obvious one these days ... But for this essential that the organisations holding "one private bookshelf (video, disco, sito shelf) be seperate and independant from organisation creating/publishing/selling/hosting, contents. If 2 or 3 monsters in the end, piracy becomes more or less "moral".
y t, 06/02/2012 16:19
58.4167, 12.0167 - Lane SWEDEN
The internet belongs to those who can exert most jurisdiction over the internet, and the US is winning that war hands down.
A.Wood.B.Maven, 22/03/2012 04:07