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Making speeches talk

Comment Neelie
[...] With technology at your disposal, you have so many alternative ways to communicate ideas: visualisation, real-life stories, demonstrations, even explanations by your favourite celebrity. Whatever a particular child feels most comfortable with. And this approach can make teaching and learning active and exciting, as well as stimulating creativity and critical thinking.
Anton Kurzka
I don't think the current life at school is boring and you can't learn enough. Pupils still have to learn most of the old "stuff". Otherwise they will never have the possibility to come over with Internet. It needs additional effort to help children learning both old stuff and the knowledge about new media.
Anton Kurzka, 07/02/2012 20:22
Nina Hobi
It's not only about "knowledge about new media" - of course pupils have to learn how to use ICT. But - and in my opinion that's what's meant here - it's about using ICT to learn what you call the "old stuff". Finding new ways of transferring knowledge.
Nina Hobi, 08/02/2012 12:14