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[...] For one thing, there are serious costs to inaction. Already, some say that cyber crime accounts for more than the global drugs trade. The 2011 cyber attack cost Sony nearly $175 million, almost as much as they lost from the same year's earthquake and tsunami.
58.4167, 12.0167 - Lane SWEDEN
What is "cyber crime"? I feel it is a cyber crime when a company or organization uses data gleaned from the internet without my express permission. Do you consider that a "cyber crime"?
A.Wood.B.Maven, 21/03/2012 18:40
52.0833, 6.2833 - Delden NETHERLANDS
Maurits de Bruijn
What is different according to real life, iow How much does Sony spend on physical security? Anyhow they should be dragged to court for loosing so many credit card numbers last year. The bigger crime indeed is to be careless with personal data.
Maurits de Bruijn, 22/03/2012 13:33