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[...] Second, we need a governance structure. Member States need to establish competent authorities, centralising information and sharing with partners. A European Forum could then be created to establish collaboration between these authorities and the private sector. This would support a European cyber-incident contingency plan and exchange of best practices. It would also help with linking security, cybercrime and defence.
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As well as the private sector being involved, Civil Society needs a larger role (a large role than business imv) to ensure that what is decided meets or increases Fundamental Rights. I wish the Commission would cosy up to Civil Society as it is cosy with Business.
A.Wood.B.Maven, 21/03/2012 18:48
Alberto Cottica
I concur with Mr. Wood. The Internet is not justy some infrastructure: it is (depending on how you set parameters) a public good, or at the very least a common good. A governance structure which relies on business and government only is hardly going to be sellable to the public opinion, given that business and government (present company excluded) tend to have a pretty grim record in terms of deploying surveillance and censorship tools. "Security", I would argue, is not only about Paypal or Visa going down and losing revenue; it is also (perhaps mostly) about ensuring our right to free speech, free gathering and online privacy.
Alberto Cottica, 21/03/2012 19:17