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[...] Fourth, we need a more vibrant Single Market for these technologies. I want to invest in innovation for security technologies, including through the EU budget. Indeed we already are: we've now launched a call for proposals on how to fight botnets. But research alone isn't enough. We need to fill the gaps in the value chain, and seamlessly bring bright ideas to the market. Pre-Commercial Procurement is a powerful instrument here; as are public-private partnerships. And we need a more transparent market in security products. If end users were better aware what's on offer - including through standards - that would drive demand for better products.
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I hope your investment is in European companies and not non-European owned and/or controlled companies. You have made a lot about the Cloud, but as you should know, .com .net .org top level domains are under the jurisdiction and control of the USA. It is not good for European security to invest in USA companies, their laws are often very very different to EU acquis.
A.Wood.B.Maven, 21/03/2012 18:56