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[...] The second trend is "big data". Everywhere you look, data volumes are growing exponentially. Data from research, from governments, from everyday life. There is a lot of unexploited knowledge hidden there, if only we knew how to find it!
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Asoc.Ciudades Kyosei
This is just a part of the picture. For sure, we have a lot of data out ther, but: do we have the data we need? Scientist seem to be assuming that the answer is yes. But in many fields they are wrong. For example, in the fields of ICT for governance, EC's emphasis in the last years has been: let's use the data in the Social Networks to inform our policies. Has anybody asked himself -not even "verify"- if this data is really usable for that specific purpose? I am afraid the answer is "not really". The fact is that the scientific community have NO IDEA how to get that data. They have failed to run any real successful eParticipation initiative. It seems that to avoid facing this failure they are now saying: let's use all the data and activity that is produced out there!! But the first rule of Computer Science is: "Garbage in - Garbage out". We do not just need to "use the big data out there". We need to create (social) systems and infraestructures that allow us to gather the data that is relevant. If the EU does not support doing this... well, we will keep wasting time. By the way: my organizations has some ideas on how to do this. But current EU Innovation Policies structurally exclude little innovators like us from receiving support. If the EC really wants to achieve innovation... it should be able to first change the way in which it promotes innovation. And it seems it is not easy. EC is a bureaucratic moster whose dynamics are very difficult to change (this is what the responsible officials at Brussels say). I really encourage you to press for changes. In the meanwhile, we will keep innovating... without your support.
Asoc.Ciudades Kyosei, 23/03/2012 15:12