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Comment Neelie
[...] But we can only do this if the data across disciplines is accessible and usable. Too often today, that's not the case – and so data stays locked up on ageing media gathering dust, or in departmental servers or on scientists' laptops: unconnected, offline and with no incentive to share.
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Asoc.Ciudades Kyosei
Inter-disciplinary is a trendy word. But it is written more than it is really practiced. And in any case: inter-disciplinarity is nowadays not enough. At least in the Social related areas. What is needed is a TRANS-disciplinarity, understood not just as putting to work together to scientist comming from different disciplines, but putting to work together a mix of ORGANIZATIONS from different origings: government, academics, civil society, citizens. The whole "Big Science" is organized around the needs of scientist, which in most cases are paranoids who dream of publications and Impact Factors. I doubt real trans-disciplinarity, and real innovations, are going to arrive, if we do not change the incentives that move all actors here: Scientist, EC, Science Industry, etc.
Asoc.Ciudades Kyosei, 23/03/2012 15:17