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Comment Neelie
[...] If they can't, it's bad for business: for small businesses, for example, it can mean two years' extra delay before getting new products to market. So if we want to complete globally, that kind of access cannot be a luxury for Europe — it's a must-have.
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Alex Hoosemans
Should it not be compete instead off complete??
Alex Hoosemans, 29/05/2012 14:45
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Jack Schickler
Jack Schickler, 29/05/2012 15:30
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Ivan Flis
Again, this is even more obvious in the service industry. To tie in with my previous comment - novel approaches in fields like psychology usually don't require much resources. The only problem lying in between the academia and application, in my view, is access.
Ivan Flis, 29/05/2012 15:53