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Comment Neelie
[...] First, when research is funded by the EU, we will require open access to the results. Whether by "green" or "gold" routes. And we're working to enlarge those measures to include scientific data as well.
45.05, 14.5 - Skrb¡i i CROATIA
Ivan Flis
I am happy to see the really important issue of Open Access is reaching the top levels of the European Union. Looking forward for more news on this front!
Ivan Flis, 29/05/2012 16:01
48.8, 2.33333 - Paris FRANCE
Olivier Grisel
The publication of scientific data as Open Data is very important too for accelerating innovation
Olivier Grisel, 30/05/2012 13:58
Louis Lapidaire
nice idea. where can we find the rules to enforce this.
Louis Lapidaire, 19/06/2013 17:53