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[...] Plus we've brought mobile roaming rip-offs to an end once and for all, restoring choice when you use your mobile phone in the EU.
50.8667, 4.36667 - Brussels BELGIUM
 Dirk Spannaus
great example where regulation is needed when markets fail to work
Dirk Spannaus, 22/06/2012 11:21
ERRIN Tourism Group
and we can still do much more in this subject
ERRIN Tourism Group, 22/06/2012 11:25
48.8, 2.33333 - Paris FRANCE
Chris Conder
I attended the conference this year (from UK) and my credit was wiped out on the journey from the airport to the hotel (30 minutes) with the phone in my pocket, so I guess we still have a long way to go on roaming! Once I turned it off the phone held the credit for calls, but of course now I can't get data...
Chris Conder, 23/06/2012 18:36
50.8667, 4.36667 - Brussels BELGIUM
Jack Schickler
Hey Chris - sorry to hear that - new EU price caps for data start this week (1st July 2012)
Jack Schickler, 25/06/2012 18:04