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[...] Second, the ICT sector badly needs skills. What if we could offer fast-start skills to young people across Europe? That could close the skills gap, and create new jobs. At this very Assembly, my closest advisers are speeding up work to help fix the skills and jobs problem.
Education is the way, and it starts with little kids. It doesn't make sense waitng until they go to college.
Alorza, 23/06/2012 15:56
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Chris Conder
Agree Alorza, my 2 yr old grand daughter typed her name in a skype chat today, and she can't write it properly yet. My 9 yr old can chat away to her friends and email, and should any teacher be able to teach coding she would be doing that too. My 3 yr old twin grand daughters were potty trained by skype (over egging it a bit there but I helped) and my 5 yr old skypes me every time she's bored. She just does it. They are born digital natives if the environment they reside in is able to get a connection. It just comes natural. They live in Wales and are all also bilingual. With no effort at all. Start young. Agree.
Chris Conder, 23/06/2012 19:42