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Comment Neelie
[...] Like to agree on our proposals to open up public data, on the billions to be invested through the Connecting Europe Facility, and on new tools enabling safer ways to sign contracts online. To name just a few.
50.8667, 4.36667 - Brussels BELGIUM
Yes, we need an ambitious step forward. In the open data field, we might learn a lot (achievements and mistakes) from the INSPIRE directive. Some datasets should be compulsory to release.
Alorza, 22/06/2012 11:11
50.8667, 4.36667 - Brussels BELGIUM
Marc Garriga
We need to simplify and harmonise the data reuse conditions of our European OpenData Portals. Nowadays to create an application from data from several portals is a pain :(
Marc Garriga, 22/06/2012 11:21