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Comment Neelie
[...] These days, it's hard to predict how the world will look in a few months, let alone years: there's so much potential in the path ahead.
The potential will only come out when we embrace uncertainty and keep an open mind to the world. If we maintain to our traditional mental models and stick to predictability based on past developments, we will be led by fear and uncertainty which will bring us in a downward instead of an upward spiral.
INSIDEAN NL, 25/09/2012 18:12
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Jan Goossenaerts
Though it will be difficult to predict relative sizes of markets and similar superficials, we can be pretty sure that societal architecture (details at ) and other foundationals will be the same. These should be reflected more in policies. The lean achievement of "macro/meso/micro/pico division of concerns" in particular deserves more emphasis in policy for the digital era. imho.
Jan Goossenaerts, 27/09/2012 11:16