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Comment Neelie
[...] But those changes also enable a new kind of research and innovation: open, agile and collaborative. Innovation using new forums like online collective platforms; new resources like open data; new techniques like data-mining.
47.8, 10.2833 - Dietmannsried GERMANY
Alexander Adolf
Don't think the act of innovating has changed. Still needs great individuals. New things are just so much more accessible when they are on the Web. This seems to lower the barrier for rolling out something new. But more roll-outs not necessarily imply more quality ones.
Alexander Adolf, 25/09/2012 20:57
51.9667, 5.66667 - Wageningen NETHERLANDS
Leo Lahti
fertile ground will imply more opportunities for quality to thrive
Leo Lahti, 26/09/2012 14:06
50.8667, 5.5167 - Bilzen BELGIUM
Jan Goossenaerts
Concurring with previous comments, and illustrating my first macro/meso/micro/pico comment: growing number of micro-level rollouts in a context of mediocre macro/meso adjustments/innovations creates low-quality consumer (pico-level) experiences. Fit micro/meso-macro boundaries are essential. Fitness includes compliance with principles of societal architecture. Crowdsourcing (as this - thanks for giving the opportunity!) within such framework combined with the benefits for competition of rapid-scaling of arena agreements and rapid adoption of standards will improve the quality and experiences for all members of society. It has always worked in the past (though with different time scale for rapid), and it will work in the digital era!
Jan Goossenaerts, 27/09/2012 11:32