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[...] At the moment, we work within our own safe little boxes, researching in separate subject silos, or funding from separate pots of money. We still too often see policy issues as distinct islands; 'societal' challenges as unrelated to 'industrial' or 'academic' ones.
That confirms the traditionall thinking while there are companies and persons out there who are more ahead with this process, but are not considered as serious parties since they are new adn do not belong to the established institutes. New challenges require new approaches!
INSIDEAN NL, 25/09/2012 18:27
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Chris Kruizinga
Completely agree: I studied Medicine and became an ...ahum ... superior ICT-professional. Computer Science has been too much "I have a hammer, so everything is a nail" since ever.
Chris Kruizinga, 25/09/2012 20:33