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Comment Neelie
[...] I want to propose metrics for this – and I want your views on them. So we'll put them out for comment by stakeholders, before the end of the year.
52.1333, 5.25 - Den Dolder NETHERLANDS
Chris Kruizinga
a conditio sin qua non, but almost undoable: just defining them already creates a status quo.
Chris Kruizinga, 25/09/2012 20:44
47.8, 10.2833 - Dietmannsried GERMANY
Alexander Adolf
Curious to see them, but would be largely surprised if I'd see something convincing. I've been working in standardisation for 15 years, and my baseline is that it takes consensus of a group of great individuals to figure out the next big thing. Market research is useless in the high tech industry. Decisive factor is to have the experts state their own views, not their companies.
Alexander Adolf, 25/09/2012 21:29
49.7442, 6.1708 - Schoos LUXEMBOURG
Metrics are published and can be commented on at:
ManolitoXL, 30/01/2013 12:23