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[...] So my third and final question today is: for the remaining decision makers, how can we work together to show them that this is an economically essential investment?
Chris Conder
I don't know how you show people anything other than by building the infrastructure needed. I think Europe should support the altnets and stop funding going to incumbents to patch up the phone lines and deliver faster broadband to the lucky ones near cabinets or exchanges to the detriment of the ones further away, which is building a bigger digital divide than we had before if that's possible. The decision makers have to be aware of the limitations of existing infrastructure, and the lobby from the telcos is far better financed than the lobby from the citizens. The funders don't hear the voice of the people, they only hear the hype from incumbents who will do anything to protect their ageing copper phone networks. The main countries suffering are those who have robust phone networks. Those who haven't are investing in futureproof fibre. That is why a lot of Europe is going to get left behind.
Chris Conder, 26/11/2012 15:41