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[...] As well as cutting perceived project risk, though, I want to cut project costs. And much of that cost simply comes from civil engineering – the cost of mapping, of getting permits, of digging. If we cut those costs, we boost your business case – and that's just what our proposed legislation will do. There are so many jobs, so many opportunities at stake if we become a connected continent. Let's make sure the thing getting in the way isn't just silly inefficiency: people digging up the road many times when they only need do it once. Complex planning rules that just make the whole project too costly. Or different rules between countries - even between regions! - that mean you lose time, and lose economies of scale.
Chris Conder
I have a good example: The local water company is installing new pipes to the farms. The company said we could put our fibre ducts in the same trench. One year later, their lawyers said we couldn't. How do you deal with that sort of thing? How do we stop the growth industry of paperwork and get the men of grit freed to build our futures?
Chris Conder, 30/01/2013 18:48