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[...] Seventh, to boost trust in broadband services, we need informed choices. Transparency matters: consumers need to know what they're getting.  Download speeds are a key issue for internet subscribers when choosing their contract: yet too many people reckon they aren't getting the internet speed promised. Our forthcoming study, perhaps the first such across Europe, will show actual internet speeds, and help citizens and policymakers know the scale of this issue.
Chris Conder
You don't need a study to know that consumers are not getting the speeds promised. A lot of it is because their computers aren't set up right or faulty home wiring, but the majority is simply because the phone lines can not deliver it. Even when they can deliver at speed the ISPs throttle and cap or suffer bottlenecks at peak times. It is all an absolute farce. No amount of study will make it better. Listen to the people.
Chris Conder, 30/01/2013 18:51