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[...] First, some people just aren't aware of ICT careers as an option: for them, we must raise awareness. Current initiatives like eSkills week and Get Online week are not stemming falling graduate numbers. Here, industry can take the lead: and fast. Like by school visits: I know they already happen; I know they are successful: why not have twice as many of them this year? Or even dedicate 1% of your advertising budget to a joint campaign on the attractiveness of digital careers?
Rails Girls Rome
Girls and young women make an important part of people unaware of ICT careers or without the necessary background.
Rails Girls Rome, 05/03/2013 14:56
Dario Denni
Yes, probably the most people don't know about the great world of ICT but are there real job opportunities in it? Lets take a look at the TLC field. Vodafone, the best european operator are putting on the street more than 900 workers in Italy. No open positions on any other TELCO. So, on what we're talking about? However - dear Neelie - that's a great speech as usual! ;)
Dario Denni, 11/03/2013 23:05