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Comment Neelie
[...] What is more, we can make the cost of broadband roll-out significantly cheaper. We can – and should – save tens of billions of euros by using existing infrastructure better, better coordinating civil works, streamlining administration and making buildings broadband-ready. I know the UK has taken steps to tackle barriers, like planning rules, which can lead to red tape and delay for broadband. By scaling such measures up, we could encourage investment and bring the broadband boost to businesses and citizens across Europe.
Chris Conder
We certainly could make it cheaper, but it isn't working. Existing infrastructure is being protected by those who own it and won't let anyone in unless they pay excess costs, they hide these costs from the politicians though... and also railways could play a big part but from personal experience they won't help. Also councils won't co-ordinate street works to help altnets - they believe also that 'superfast cabinets' will suffice.
Chris Conder, 13/03/2013 22:31
Cotswolds Broadband
Sometimes this can be made to work, but it tends to be at a local level rather than national. For instance we have laid ducts in trenches opened by electricity mains work, but this had to be coordinated with a local manager rather than further up the line where the corporate line is not to share infrastructure works. Remember also that as with all things in this sector, no two areas are the same and councils do see things differently, so working with district and county councils is always preferable, before resorting to other tactics.
Cotswolds Broadband, 14/03/2013 18:24
Dario Denni
we do need no more recommendations on it: it's quite the time for a directive IMHO.
Dario Denni, 14/03/2013 23:21