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[...] The Orphan Works Directive also provides a god framework for getting more content online – and, now agreed, it needs to be quickly put into effect across Europe. We can also improve the legal framework to support access to out-of-commerce works; I know France has an ambitious programme to digitise half a million 20th-century out-of-commerce books. Well done!
Stephen Shankland
Typo: "a god framework" :)
Stephen Shankland, 25/03/2013 16:35
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Christof Schöch
Not everyone is so happy about the French initiative: they also consider works as "out-of-commerce" that, although unavailable in print, are available as e-books from some of the most innovative publishing actors such as These risk being penalized for being at the forefront of digital publishing.
Christof Schöch, 27/03/2013 08:36