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[...] And no wonder. It's essential to our single market. And all together these measures could save between 40 and 60 billion euros; that could make achieving our broadband targets up to 30% cheaper. It will cut repeated roadworks: meaning fewer traffic jams, less noise and less nuisance. Plus, it will give infrastructure owners, public and private, the option of a new revenue stream, from leasing their assets.
Chris Conder
If we want every citizen digital to make massive savings both for them and for their governments then we have to make IT easy. We have to get good connectivity to everyone. The only way to do this is with fibre. If we do it with anything else it will all be to do again. There is a place for mobile, but it can't answer the problems, its for people who are mobile. We have to get the infrastructure in place, good solid fibre networks and stop trying to patch up the old copper phone lines. Its a waste of money.
Chris Conder, 01/04/2013 19:02