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excerpt from: ICT and Women
[...] It's a pleasure to be here today. And many thanks to the ITRE Committee for taking this issue so seriously.
6.4531, 3.3958 - Lagos NIGERIA
Gilead Ogbonna
I Just happened to stumble upon this site. Impressive work Ma'am. My thought is this simple; if women can be so talented in complex tasks as making a home, raising kids (what task is more difficult?), I believe that they can do very well in ICT. I am an entrepreneur focused in ICT. One major challenge I have been struggling with is the absence of women that are even willing to take the leap. One factor I have observed is that most women have convinced themselves that ICT is a mans world. That needs to change. We (I) need capable women to add that extra something to my work. It's one huge break I'll keep waiting for while doing what I can.
Gilead Ogbonna, 11/11/2013 23:02