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[...] Let me give a few examples. The fact is, the online data explosion means networks are getting congested. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need to invest in network capacity to meet rising demand: and the right predictable regulatory framework will help them do so. But, at peak times, traffic management will continue to play a role: and indeed it can be for legitimate and objective reasons; like separating time-critical traffic from the less urgent.
Chris Marsden
This is absolutely false - there is no 'explosion' - in fact Cisco VNI figures for Western Europe show a huge DECREASE in data growth over the Internet - from historic levels of 30-40% to only CAGR 17% 2012-17. Even Cisco only claims 50% mobile CAGR - and mobile is only 0.15% of Internet traffic. Yes, that's right - 600 fixed bits for every mobile bit. WIK's Scott Marcus explains how that skews markets in his April European Parliament presentation. So please - never again say there's a data explosion when this is clearly false.
Chris Marsden, 07/06/2013 10:07