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Comment Neelie
[...] For one thing, we need net neutrality. Citizens must enjoy the full and open internet; startups and innovators must know their bright idea won't get blocked. I will ban such behaviour: it's unfair, untransparent, and anti-competitive. And I will safeguard net neutrality in Europe: for every European, on every device, on every network.
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Thomas Lohninger
So you are aiming for a Regulation instead of a Directive or Recommendation, right?
Thomas Lohninger, 20/06/2013 12:42
Richard King
I welcome your unequivocal commitment to net neutrality in Europe. Have you explained your definition of that term anywhere public so that I can understand exactly what you mean?
Richard King, 20/06/2013 12:47
andrea ghizzoni
I agree with the principle. My only concern is that net neutrality might prevent tlc and ott to sign commercial agreements (e.g. What ESPN and Verizon are said to be discussing).
andrea ghizzoni, 20/06/2013 14:24
Jack Schickler
Hi Richard, there is more detail on net neutrality in this existing speech of Neelie's:
Jack Schickler, 20/06/2013 14:36