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[...] Blocking or throttling services isn't just unfair and annoying for users – it's a death sentence for innovators too. So I will guarantee net neutrality. With more transparency, so you know what's in your contract. Making it easier to switch providers. Allowing the new premium services which so many new services rely on – from cloud computing to eHealth. And I will end anticompetitive blocking and throttling, for every citizen, on every network, on every device. Internet growth depends on openness and innovation: I will provide an absolute safeguard.
50.7333, 7.08333 - Bonn GERMANY
You can not "guarantee" net neutrality AND "allowing new premium services" - That is such an evident contradiction. Are you really wanna try to pull the wool over the eyes of the European people? Be honest ans be a truthful European and stop trying to stab net neutrality in the back.
jensbest, 10/07/2013 15:51
Outlawing data caps that nickle-and-dime the customers only to serve the interests of telco shareholders would be a start. Reasonable network management and QoS is a given, limiting our choices with volume-based pricing (or whatever ETNO wants to implement to "monetize data") is not, especially if you really want your digital market to take over. You speak of choices given to customers, but no customer wants his choices to be limited by throttling, data capping and blocking. So along with a "Don't block Skype" line of thought, we should also add "Don't treat your customers as sheep, let them decide when, where and on what they can use their connections." Because data caps can only limit our freedom of choice.
조폭고양이, 10/07/2013 19:50