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[...] And of course, in a true single market, there are no artificial roaming charges. It's irritating, it's unfair, it belongs to the past. Often, the only remaining reminder of our internal borders is the phone in your pocket: that has to change. Millions of Europeans enjoy great, transparent packages on their mobile subscription; they expect to pay once and have everything included. Not just when they're at home: but when they travel too. They should be able to take their mobile minutes, messages and megabytes with them, wherever they travel in Europe.
Chris Conder
The internet knows no borders, its only the false scarcity model thrust upon us by telcos that creates the borders.
Chris Conder, 10/07/2013 18:17
Staszek Sal
Can we really have no roaming charges?? How can for example any British mobile operator compete with Bulgarian operators - the operation costs are definitely non-comparable. However, without roaming there is no difference whether I have a British, a Polish or a Bulgarian number whenever I'm in UE
Staszek Sal, 30/07/2013 12:48