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[...] When people think of internet innovation, they think of Silicon Valley. It's time they thought also of the vibrant startup culture we have here in Europe. Giving it more recognition, and the right supporting resources.
Gerben Jacobs
Have a look at the rules Sweden has that empower entrepeneurs.
Gerben Jacobs, 19/09/2013 12:01
50.85, 4.2667 - Dilbeek BELGIUM
Let's face it - entrepreneurship is not our preferred career path, and we need to change this for the sake of our future. A big applause for Neelie Kroes for saying this at loud! We hope that Telefonica's Global Millennial Survey gives a strong enough signal to the EU's decision makers. As the survey points out, today's millennials are "constantly connected, tech savvy, optimistic and believe strongly that technology creates opportunities for all". Europe has amazing human resources to drive our economy forward, yet there is something that stops us from 'thinking big', thinking 'entrepreneurship' to make this technology-illuminated bright future become reality. The european startup initiative's goal is to find out what this 'something' is and how to overcome it. We welcome your comments and suggestions - we want this knowledge to become available for the sake of Europe's future. What are the 'right supporting sources' that would give Europeans an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers?
esi, 19/09/2013 22:56