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Comment Neelie
[...] In addition, we will introduce new safeguards for the open internet. So-called "net neutrality" can be a very polarising issue. So I just want to make three factual points about our proposal. First, today, millions of Europeans find online services like Skype blocked, or internet access degraded. My proposal will end those discriminatory restrictions on the open internet. Blocking and throttling will only be allowed in tightly-defined circumstances, like to tackle serious crimes — such as online child pornography. Safeguarding the open internet for all; for the first time across the EU.
Arend-Jan Smit
Blocking and throttling are diametrically opposed to the very thing net neutrality is supposed to be. No matter what the excuse is. In case of Childporn the problem lies with the production of said materials, not the internet. Spreading is already illegal anyway. In case of throttling; will such regulations be passed they will be open for the lobby to find loopholes and exploits. And they will. Like Monsanto patenting broccoli.
Arend-Jan Smit, 24/09/2013 13:20