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Comment Neelie
[...] But – here's my third point - such specialised services must meet strict criteria: they cannot slow down the internet for everyone else. The text of the regulation is very clear on that, and regulators will have tough new enforcement powers to ensure it. Likewise, your internet contract will for the first time ever have to state the internet speed you'll get. Any significant, sustained reduction from that – because of specialised services, or for any other reason, will be a breach of that contract. Again, that's the first time you'll get such a guarantee in Europe. These are very clear safeguards.
Arend-Jan Smit
Here you are literally stating that companies are allowed to throttle the internet at their own will, as long as people keep at least MINIMAL service. Implement this and people will eventually experience limited speed and bandwidth. At all time. Simply because it is not in the interest of companies to provide better than the absolute minimal service.
Arend-Jan Smit, 24/09/2013 13:34