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49.45, 11.0833 - Nürnberg GERMANY
Günther Roscher
Thank you for your excellent speech. I’ve read it with high interest. Here my Comments in context to the lines of your text: line 1: Our world is entering the digital age. And it is becoming ever more important to keep that digital world safe and secure. K. Poppers has proposed 3 Worlds and his World 3 is proposed as: “(6) Works of Art and of Science (including Technology) (5) Human Language, Theories of Self and of Death.” /1/ ICT is opening a new quality of Poppers World 3 and for mankind! Technology is growing and we MUST be responsible for the right application and MUST stop the misuse. Line10: Data protection is a fundamental right that we must safeguard. People have a right to know and control how their data is used. We are working on CATI – Computer Aided Trust Internet. CATI is designed as user friendly and trust Computer Aided Solution (as our RTV /3/ and BrainScope /4/). Line14: Spying may be unacceptable. But it's been going on for some time. Maybe it's the world's second oldest profession. And it's not about to stop. Not only such activity is unacceptable. One of the worst examples is the undividable atom. Some scientists have recognized the atomic fission in 1938 /2/. The first application was the atom bomb, misused in 1945! We and especially the responsible are not able to destroy all weapons from nuclear weapons to colts up to date! In the future, the ICT will be able to recognize and understand spoken and written language, images and videos /5/. Only the ICT is able to analyse and understand all communications. Only all the ICT will be able to supervise all the communications around the world. We are responsible for the right design of these important future possibilities! Line 22: So Europe can become the safest online environment in the world. On this reason ICT offer a new quality for all our communication and our live around the world. I propose, that all user around the world will fight against all weapons in an open and democratic process! We are further working on CATI! Best regards Günther Klein Ammensleben, November 20. 2013 ICS Dr. G. Roscher GmbH Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Math. Günther Roscher CEO Am Kirchberg 6 D - 39326 Klein Ammensleben Tel.: 49 39 202/52 12-6 Fax: 49 39 202/52 12-8 Line 49: Often the solution is relatively simple. Lit.: /1/ Karl Popper, John Eccles: The Self and Its Brain. Springer, 1985, p. 16. /2/ /3/ RTV - Rechnerunterstützte Technische Vorbereitung: /4/ BrainScope - Real-time analysis and recognition of the EEG and ERP: /5/ Oxford Internet Institute Study "Towards a Future Internet: Interrelations between Technological, Social and Economic aspects".
Günther Roscher, 20/11/2013 17:33