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[...] Our cybersecurity strategy is about ensuring an online world that is open, free, safe and secure. Promoting the EU's core values, and human rights. Online just as we do offline.
Trond Johannessen
I suppose you mean "free" as in liberty and not (always) at zero cost. The "Open" part is debatable. Look at Bitcoin, a so called "open" system. There is no accountability for "Open", at least the way Bitcoin has been introduced. This opens for fraud directly related to cash balances of citizens, and "Open" is the easiest way to create coder-led hysteria that preserves back doors, personal control over little empires built with criminal intent or just without proper consideration for security and protection of individual users. Sure, you have to nod to the coders, but if you do, who will challenge the community that caused all these problems to arise? Don't tell me the spy agencies created the mess!
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 10:24