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[...] And to enhance our international cyberspace policy. We already discuss these issues regularly with major international partners, and are looking into cooperation with yet more. And in multilateral fora, like the Seoul conference on cyberspace. We don't need new legal treaties; and the Budapest Convention is already there to be ratified. But international norms for state behaviour in cyber space could boost both free trade and fundamental rights.
an innovation would be if all persons using European ICT services would enjoy legal protection (privacy), not just EU citizens. after all, what is so upsetting about the NSA episode/scandal is that there is an utter disregard for anybody's privacy rights who is not a US citizen. And there are international conventions on these issues. Thus we might actually need binding international treaties. otherwise where do changes in state behavior may come from? Spying agencies and corporations do rely on the letter of law, when justifying what they do. So if the COM does not want to create a fortress at the European level, it should push for a global agreement on these issues.
MaratMarkert, 11/11/2013 12:47