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Comment Neelie
[...] And we need the best technology. Maybe this means that we make it ourselves in Europe, thanks to a vibrant, European market that innovates to create those security solutions. And this is why we are increasing R&D in cybersecurity. Or maybe it requires that we verify that the ICT equipment and applications we buy are not designed with backdoors built in!
Trond Johannessen
Cyber-security is such a wide concept now that you have driven the Information Society for us through many productive years, and we can see the contours of that Society, mirroring many of our physical world security issues, and adding new ones. We need to take a step back and look at Cyberia from our vantage point in analog life and be willing to start at the system level of Cyberia. We need to change the architecture, and architecture is the key to security, economics, competitiveness, and dignity. Isn't that wonderful - the only time you see a word starting with "dig" is usually "digital", as Cyberia is valueless, a place where everything goes. Let's not be too optimistic about imposing value systems on Cyberia, but we can architect for a substantial set of revisions. In our physical world, identity is fundamental. We laugh and play in masquerade balls, in Venetian carnivals, but only for fun, and at the hotel and in the airport, passports are required. In Cyberia, we permit the cyber-equivalent of stoning of persons by crowds gone mad, in the vicissitude of remaining anonymous, if desired (up to a point).
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 10:48