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[...] Our European Cloud Partnership is about governments joining forces, to stimulate a market and find secure cloud solutions for Europe. Using the power of public procurement, worth one fifth of the cloud market.
Trond Johannessen
The billions spent so far demonstrates that it is not about money - or only about money. Some coder, Snowden, maybe, sells us all out for money. It is not about coding, if it is to be secure. It has to be about architecture, playing the coders into the periphery of the security issue. Coders in the Information Society are a cross section or mirror of society overall. Their average IQ is 100. Their average propensity to commit a crime is like the rest of us, but their opportunity is disproportional in the building of Cyberia. We did not properly architect Cyberia, and so it became hard to police it. The "governments joining forces" is ridiculous if you consider the point of departure here - the Governments spying on its citizens and each other. Yes, we need a policy of the People, and so Governments are the fragile representations of that will of the citizens. What is proposed here is what we did in the past: spend money, accept the terms of engagement imposed on us by an adversary who remains undefined, but lives and works in great numbers in Cyberia. We can only win the war by re-architecting, dis-empowering the adversary force. You have to move to a turf that we can control from outside Cyberia, and that is not by asking the adversary for a solution that we "verify" through another Cyberia citizens that masquerades as "our friendly expert" (from Cyberia).
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 11:01