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[...] So those are the kinds of safeguards we are trying to create through our proposed legislation. The three C's: better capabilities to avoid and respond to cyber attacks. A better culture: more aware, more proactive and more transparent. And more cooperation between EU countries, at strategic and operational levels.
Trond Johannessen
It is typical that IT has only three C's while Credit has 5. Character: in IT this is related to Identity, which is that which is the weak element in the Architecture of Cyberia. We need to see Character as a requirement for living in Cyberia, at least within the Gates. That means Identification and it means a change in Architecture. Capacity (to act): we can co-operate and be a nice, cohesive society, and even maintain an internal society that works well. However, we need to be able to sanction transgressors, and we do not have legislation that allows us to provide the "incentives" to behave appropriately. We got Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance requirements in the wake of the Enron (and WorldCom) scandals of the early part of the previous decade. The equivalent would perhaps be treaties that would allow a EU or national intelligence agency to arrest officials, regardless of diplomatic status, of nations that breach the international treaties on non-spying, or whatever breaches we hold to be subject to sanctions. We have seen with banking, that paying fines does not stop banks from violating rules, from trying to make a profit at the cost of counterparties and generally at the cost of "unrelated" stakeholders, aka the citizens of the country. We need to be able to put people behind bars for extended periods of time for certain violations. We are at war in Cyberia, where wars need not be declared, as the international "rules" say nothing about Cyberia.
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 12:42