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[...] We have created a network and information security "platform" – where 180 public and private organisations get together to identify best practices that can inform our work. Ensuring more consistency for a truly European market. Looking at areas from public procurement, to security labels, to research and development priorities.
Trond Johannessen
It is not about business, the market, first - it is first about Architecture. Yes, there are many things we can learn from each other, but if this is going to stop being a problem, then we first need to put aside the profit motive. Let us imagine that by granting citizenship to an EU Cyberia, we would resolve, through a set of specific actions at the citizen level, the whole set of issues within the EU for free. NOBODY would propose that, because NOBODY would make revenue or profit from it. Maybe they would lose business, or power, or privileges, or the monthly check from a foreign power. Let's say it could be done by at least FIRST adopting an Architecture of the Information Society that as a FIRST step would be just the acceptance of another vantage point, another view of the world ahead. Let us say that the business resulting from that would also come in time, but that by its nature, we would dis-empower, dis-enfranchise the powers that compromises the system today, or has such power. In my not so humble opinion, we need to be willing to take bolder steps, steps that will provide lasting change. You cannot expect that, asking the High Priests of European or global ICT for permission to change their power in the world, in Cyberia, they will yield such power without opposition, but as I recall, you never really did. In terms of European cybersecurity, the key to the better lock is Architecture, not products.
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 17:56