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[...] Often the solution is relatively simple. Some reckon as many as 85% of successful intrusions could be prevented just by decent "cyber-hygiene" practices.
Chris Conder
AKA 'common sense'. Time to bring it back.
Chris Conder, 11/11/2013 16:17
Trond Johannessen
The character of automated threats that cause impediments need to be distinguished from those that in some way are designed to intrude by gaining access to storage, audio and video and intercepting information, or disabling infrastructure that may cause interruptions at systemic levels in a home and up to the Union level. It is all well and good that we practice cyber-hygiene, but we need to address the issues that you set out to address, not just keeping Trojans out of the laptops.
Trond Johannessen, 12/11/2013 13:32